Curent current vs. Deadpixel

Current Current was created in 2012 by a team of creative technologists, designers, coders and musicians. The core is based in Stockholm, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam and London.

We share a passion for innovation in technology and the creative arts. Our team consists of talented artists; each highly specialised with a skill set of tools to produce beautiful, immersive and thought provoking works. We believe in the idea of sharing knowledge and experiences, we collaborate with a collective mindset, an approach that makes us a strong and unique multidisciplinary creative team.

By using a wide array of tools and techniques our ambition is to challenge the status quo, push boundaries and constantly challenge ourselfes. We approach every project with a fresh mind and the intention to create something truly genuine. In a sense we see it like learning a new language so that we can translate an idea into action and deliver this in the best way possible.

We aim to deliver an outstanding experience, regardless of its nature. We work with image, sound and space – elements that are tailored and brought together in various shapes for our audience. Our approach allows proposals from areas such as art, architecture, design, set design, visual scenography, music and live performances.

Current Current is an ensemble of people that focus on visual, physical, and sonic artworks. Our collective skill set spans across design, experimental installations, interactive pieces and audio/visual productions as well as custom built hardware and software solutions.

Deadpixel is a visual label made up of video artists, lighting designers, inventors and DJs. When curiosity is merged with experience in a multitude of creative fields and technical expertise; the works of Deadpixel become journeys that spark imagination. The visuals created by this collective have been exhibited, performed and installed in spaces such as art galleries, concert stages, clubs and even in mining facilities. Deadpixel was founded in 2005 and consists of three core members; Michal Larsson, Viktor Eriksson and Patrik Sandenor. Their work is based in Gävle (Sweden) but have been performed and traveled around the world.

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